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Product Spotlight: Mugs

Not just any mugs, Gents Quarter mugs!

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Made from the finest metal alloys and enamel (we think, they feel good anyway) and designed by one of the UKs coolest illustrators (shout out to Clara)

The Gents Quarter mug not only holds hot liquids like coffee and tea but can also be used to hold cold liquids like whiskey and rum!

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It’s a statistical fact that 100% of people asked* said they felt more attracted to people who owned the Gents Quarter mug.

Unlike boring ceramic mugs that will probably explode  ours can withstand dropping from 100cm without damage (assuming you have a deep pile carpet).

Anyway... they’re freaking cool!

*TBH we only asked Claire

Christmas presents sorted!


Over the last year we have been slowy growing our online store. We don't put any old rubbish on here, these are the products we use at home and in the shop. Its only after they get the Gents Quarter thumbs up that we put them online.

This means that now Christmas is approaching we are ready for you. Whether its your son struggling with the bum-fluff growing under his nose or your grandad struggling to tame his wizard length beard we got you.


More products can be found on our online store:

GQ Shave

For the next level we also have vouchers available. Get them down to us and we will spoil them for you. We are talking hot towels, an open blade, oils, balms and a complimentary drop of whisky to finish (age dependent obv). 


Bonus Feature: Weird Ape

We are now in a local partnership with Weird Ape and if you’ve seen the watches and think they would make a great present you get  10% discount with our code: GQ10

Product Spotlight: Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan Matt Paste
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Dapper Dan Matt Paste

This is our best selling product right now. We have been selling Dapper Dan for a number of years and we still love the vintage aroma of this Paste! We use Dapper Dan Matt Paste on a variety of different styles as it gives a strong, low shine hold.

Its particularly good on textured styles as you can work this product into your style to add definition. Olly has Dapper Dan on his bathroom shelf, in case you ever wondered what he uses on his hair!

Our tip: Work a small amount into the palms of your hands and warm the product up before applying it to your hair.

Online shopping!

We are working on our online shop! You can already pick up vouchers and we will be adding your favorite products over the coming weeks.

Exciting times for us at Gents Quarter, we have been talking about setting something up for a long time now. Let us know if there is anything you think needs to be on there.

Product spotlight: Layrite


In 1999, the founders of Layrite proudly opened the doors of their first Classic Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor. The rockabilly shop was built to emanate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of a real man’s sanctuary;  stepping into the shop in Costa Mesa, California, feels like you’ve just time-warped yourself back into the 40s.

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The majority of customers who sat themselves down in our vintage chairs came in with a greasy head of hair, often creating for a difficult cut. After all, grease is not easy to wash out, and these heads would set the stage for a less than ideal haircut.

The greasy dilemmas that we faced daily inspired us to begin experimenting with different kinds of pomade. We chose our favorite feature of each one we worked with, and we used all of these elements to create our own formula: a pomade that easily washed out with just water! After months of research and experimentation, Layrite Deluxe Pomade was introduced in 2001.

What our barbers say:

"Layrite is our go-to pomade.. the reasons are simple; it's bloody good stuff!

For us, and we've tried many a pomade, it's the best on the market. It's sheen gives a proper groomed finish, whilst it holds like no other. It's also water soluble, so unlike other pomades, it washes out with minimal effort. The branding is what you'd expect from an old school Barbershop - cool, sleek & nostalgic"


Go check them out:

@LayriteOfficial and facebook

and if you haven't found us yet:

@gentsquarter and facebook