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Product Spotlight: Mugs

Not just any mugs, Gents Quarter mugs!

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Made from the finest metal alloys and enamel (we think, they feel good anyway) and designed by one of the UKs coolest illustrators (shout out to Clara)

The Gents Quarter mug not only holds hot liquids like coffee and tea but can also be used to hold cold liquids like whiskey and rum!

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It’s a statistical fact that 100% of people asked* said they felt more attracted to people who owned the Gents Quarter mug.

Unlike boring ceramic mugs that will probably explode  ours can withstand dropping from 100cm without damage (assuming you have a deep pile carpet).

Anyway... they’re freaking cool!

*TBH we only asked Claire

Qtr Experts: Emma the Florist


Emma The Florist

Red roses or something else?

I’d do the red roses with a twist if you want to make big declaration. Foliage and texture are key here in my opinion and make all the difference to something that you could buy from a supermarket Also, the red rose itself makes a difference - the best I think is Naomi with a full head of gloriously velvety petals and a gorgeous scent. It’s also a long laster and opens beautifully.

Is the rose considered to be the most romantic flower?  Or, is there something a little more sexy?

As an alternative, go wild! The red rose option will always be more expensive at valentines because demand pushes up the price at auction as growers try to meet the demand. Use your florist for something more unusual. I love it when someone asks for something different and lets me use my skills and creativity.

Should we stick to red coloured flowers? 

The rose carries many meanings but the main one is love or friendship. One rose symbolises love at first sight, whilst 6 say ‘I want to be yours’. Yellow is for friendship, white for purity and red for love. For valentines day match the flowers to your loved one - if they are arty, go for something a bit more free flowing or unusual!

You don’t have to just choose red for valentines day. Mix it up! It will be better on your bank balance too haha.

If we happen to forget to order in advance, what should we do?  Assume the garage forecourt is out of the question (asking for a mate)? 

If you haven’t ordered in advance still call your local florist who will be able to create something beautiful for you. (don’t get them from a garage!).


How much should we be spending on flowers? 

Budget - bigger isn’t always better (hehe). A good florist should be able to guide you on what will work for your budget. Just bear in mind that the flowers themselves will be a bit more expensive this week because of growers having to produce more. At valentines I do bouquets from around £20 to over £120. Each bouquet is as beautiful as the next.

Design your own or buy a readymade bunch?

If you want to choose your own flowers then that’s great! I love it when you come into the shop and choose something to work around. A good florist will always be able to make it work. If you are a pick up and go sort of person then do that - job done!

What flowers would you like to receive?

Hmmm.... what flowers would I like to receive? Any flowers! As a florist, I very rarely get given flowers.... I love something from the heart and chosen with me in mind. I love lots of foliage or something wild. I have a different favourite flower each time the delivery arrives but having said that, they’re like my babies - how can I just choose one?

Emma the Florist Valentines Offer for GQ customers. 10% discount plus free delivery in Baildon. Bespoke orders made up from around £20. Text or call me on 07540 457897 to arrange.

Jonathan's Field to Fork

You might have seen we did a Club 1/4 event with Jonathan's Field to Fork. A table including some of the most delicious spanish meats and cheeses washed down by a drink or two (special thanks to Russ from Twelve Cafe Bar for adding sherry to the mix).

It was a huge hit and we are currently discussing how it could be possible to have something available at the shop from time to time. We have a feeling Olly cannot be trusted though. Just one more slice... 

Thanks Jonathan's Field to Fork, you rock.