Forth Chair

We are really pleased to say we now have a fourth full time member of the Gents Quarter team starting on wednesday the 20th. We are really excited to welcome him into the family but thought we would grill him on lifes important questions first:

Name: Izaac

1. Red or brown sauce?

A. Red

2. Best football team?

A. Arsenal (we will work on that)

3. Favourite hair style?

A. Kid 'N Play

4. Best style icon?

A. Will Smith


5. Cadbury or Galaxy?

A. Cadbury

6. Favourite drink (proper)?

A. Jägerbomb

7. Spare time activities?

A. All types of sport and eating (cue Olly, Nick and Dan's gym membership!)

8. Favourite band?

A. J Cole


9. Can't live without...?

A. Trainers

10. Favourite hair product

A. Matte paste