Olly's jollys - Thy Barber

Area: Shoreditch

Barbers: Thy Barber

Barber: Frank Rimer

I chose Thy Barber because it's a shop I admire and have done for a while now. Frank, Ed and Pauly, specialise in clean, tight tapers and 100% traditional cuts. That's exactly what i got. They've created a space within Shorditch's Bike Shed Motorcycle Club packed full of trinkets, pictures, memories and three beautiful barber chairs. Sat with a rum in hand, my eyes and ears are treated to an environment that makes my head buzz. Thy Barber is so well regarded within the industry, yet looking round and watching Frank, Ed and Pauly cutting away, they are simply three chaps doing what they love. And absolutely killing it. There are no egos, no celebrity status', just three guys pushing the industry in the direction it should be going.

I've got a lot of love for barbers around the country doing it right. These guys are no exception. As a barber it's easy to stay within your own shop because you've already got a great team around you but its great to get out there and get a different perspective. 

If you are in or around Shoreditch Id recommend a visit. Cheers guys.