Christmas presents sorted!


Over the last year we have been slowy growing our online store. We don't put any old rubbish on here, these are the products we use at home and in the shop. Its only after they get the Gents Quarter thumbs up that we put them online.

This means that now Christmas is approaching we are ready for you. Whether its your son struggling with the bum-fluff growing under his nose or your grandad struggling to tame his wizard length beard we got you.


More products can be found on our online store:

GQ Shave

For the next level we also have vouchers available. Get them down to us and we will spoil them for you. We are talking hot towels, an open blade, oils, balms and a complimentary drop of whisky to finish (age dependent obv). 


Bonus Feature: Weird Ape

We are now in a local partnership with Weird Ape and if you’ve seen the watches and think they would make a great present you get  10% discount with our code: GQ10