Sea salt spray

There was a time when having straight hair was everything and if you already had it, then my god I want it straighter. Curls and waves were banished, never to be seen in public. The days of straightening your hair within an inch of its life, any kink or slight hint of wave would be immediately clamped and taught a severe lesson. Once all the clamping, flattening, smoothing had sufficed, a mad dash to avoid the impending rain which, if caught would make your hair go a mixture of bent waves and a bucket load of unnecessary volume.. We've all been there. Then, like all fashion trends, straighteners suddenly became abandoned, left to sizzle away in man draws.. Along came the revolution. A spray, that could give you confidence to embrace your natural curl and wave. Something to make you believe that you too might know how it feels to wear the infamous 'surfer look'. (Oh c'mon, we've all been there. You know the guys I'm talking about as your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or even your dog, looks on longingly at Brads, 'fresh out of the surf curls'). Applied to damp hair, teamed with a low speed and medium heat form your hairdryer, Sea Salt Spray by Dapper Dan will give you a strong matte finish, easing those curls and waves out in to the open. The only tool needed, sits at the end of your wrists. Tease that wave out by simply scrunching your hair between your fingers. Gently does it. Be careful not to over dry it. The hair will end up coarse and too dry and will become difficult to style, particularly with the product giving off a matte finish. Keep your powder dry and your dryer moving. A couple of seconds on each scrunch will suffice. Be brave, embrace those unruly curls. There are no rules.

Product Spotlight: Mugs

Not just any mugs, Gents Quarter mugs!

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Made from the finest metal alloys and enamel (we think, they feel good anyway) and designed by one of the UKs coolest illustrators (shout out to Clara)

The Gents Quarter mug not only holds hot liquids like coffee and tea but can also be used to hold cold liquids like whiskey and rum!

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It’s a statistical fact that 100% of people asked* said they felt more attracted to people who owned the Gents Quarter mug.

Unlike boring ceramic mugs that will probably explode  ours can withstand dropping from 100cm without damage (assuming you have a deep pile carpet).

Anyway... they’re freaking cool!

*TBH we only asked Claire

Qtr Experts: Emma the Florist


Emma The Florist

Red roses or something else?

I’d do the red roses with a twist if you want to make big declaration. Foliage and texture are key here in my opinion and make all the difference to something that you could buy from a supermarket Also, the red rose itself makes a difference - the best I think is Naomi with a full head of gloriously velvety petals and a gorgeous scent. It’s also a long laster and opens beautifully.

Is the rose considered to be the most romantic flower?  Or, is there something a little more sexy?

As an alternative, go wild! The red rose option will always be more expensive at valentines because demand pushes up the price at auction as growers try to meet the demand. Use your florist for something more unusual. I love it when someone asks for something different and lets me use my skills and creativity.

Should we stick to red coloured flowers? 

The rose carries many meanings but the main one is love or friendship. One rose symbolises love at first sight, whilst 6 say ‘I want to be yours’. Yellow is for friendship, white for purity and red for love. For valentines day match the flowers to your loved one - if they are arty, go for something a bit more free flowing or unusual!

You don’t have to just choose red for valentines day. Mix it up! It will be better on your bank balance too haha.

If we happen to forget to order in advance, what should we do?  Assume the garage forecourt is out of the question (asking for a mate)? 

If you haven’t ordered in advance still call your local florist who will be able to create something beautiful for you. (don’t get them from a garage!).


How much should we be spending on flowers? 

Budget - bigger isn’t always better (hehe). A good florist should be able to guide you on what will work for your budget. Just bear in mind that the flowers themselves will be a bit more expensive this week because of growers having to produce more. At valentines I do bouquets from around £20 to over £120. Each bouquet is as beautiful as the next.

Design your own or buy a readymade bunch?

If you want to choose your own flowers then that’s great! I love it when you come into the shop and choose something to work around. A good florist will always be able to make it work. If you are a pick up and go sort of person then do that - job done!

What flowers would you like to receive?

Hmmm.... what flowers would I like to receive? Any flowers! As a florist, I very rarely get given flowers.... I love something from the heart and chosen with me in mind. I love lots of foliage or something wild. I have a different favourite flower each time the delivery arrives but having said that, they’re like my babies - how can I just choose one?

Emma the Florist Valentines Offer for GQ customers. 10% discount plus free delivery in Baildon. Bespoke orders made up from around £20. Text or call me on 07540 457897 to arrange.

Competition Time: Bearded Brothers Vs Smooth Operators

We are running a Facebook* based competition on our Gents Quarter page.


All you have to do is choose your side for your chance to get a free spruce up at Gents Quarter.

Winner chosen on 21st January.

Spruce up - wash, cut and finish followed by a cutthroat shave or beard maintenance.

We are even throwing in a Mr Natty’s shaving kit for the clean shaven or a beard wash/balm for the bearded so you can keep up with the new look!

T&Cs apply*

*not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook in any way.

The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current [UK] data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

The winner will be notified by email and/or DM on Twitter/Facebook and/or letter within 28 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.


The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

Christmas presents sorted!


Over the last year we have been slowy growing our online store. We don't put any old rubbish on here, these are the products we use at home and in the shop. Its only after they get the Gents Quarter thumbs up that we put them online.

This means that now Christmas is approaching we are ready for you. Whether its your son struggling with the bum-fluff growing under his nose or your grandad struggling to tame his wizard length beard we got you.


More products can be found on our online store:

GQ Shave

For the next level we also have vouchers available. Get them down to us and we will spoil them for you. We are talking hot towels, an open blade, oils, balms and a complimentary drop of whisky to finish (age dependent obv). 


Bonus Feature: Weird Ape

We are now in a local partnership with Weird Ape and if you’ve seen the watches and think they would make a great present you get  10% discount with our code: GQ10

Reasons you need to get a haircut in November

Soon it will be December and everyone will be fighting over appointments. November shouldnt be a month that you neglect yourself in though. You've got to look good, you never know whats around the corner...

• November is the most successful month for dating (we made that up)

• You need to look sharp in case of any last minute Xmas party invites

• You get to listen to Dan whistle Jingle Bells (before we lock him out of the shop!)

• Claire has made mince pies for the bar

• ‘‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that crap